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Angelo Po America

Angelo Po America combi ovens.

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Angelo Po America Inc. is part of the Angelo Po Group, a global company founded in 1922.Today, it is still owned by the Po family, which has been developing professional ovens and cooking equipment for more than 90 years. Our mission is to offer the maximum to all American professionals who want to improve their cuisine with superior quality, efficiency, reliability and profitable products. Thanks to its network, Angelo Po America provides a global service for all USA professional kitchens, always supporting the operators who have chosen Combistar FX combi ovens, with a worldwide network of authorized technical centers, ensuring a prompt and efficient service.

Combistar FX by Angelo Po is an irreplaceable ally in the kitchen that meets any requirement.
Whenever flexibility, speed, food quality and savings are needed, the Combistar FX combi-oven provides the perfect solution.
With Combistar FX commercial oven, you will be able to produce a complete menu more easily and with increased profitability. Thanks to the FX combi-oven, you can cook new and traditional courses, combine creativity, improve your cooking performance and surprise your guests with the fantastic flavor of smoked and pasteurized meals. The quality of your dishes will be enhanced, therefore less time and energy will be required to achieve spectacular results: roasting, grilling, steaming, cooking lasagne and desserts, with a simple touch.

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